About us

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When you select ONEX, you are choosing a young, vigorous company renowned for the highest values of quality and integrity.

What makes an ONEX sink so highly desirable and sought after? It begins with choosing only premium stainless steel and then handpicking craftsmen to produce ONEX sinks certified to CSA and ASME standards.

One of the many things setting us apart is our dedication to creating a premium, handcrafted product to meet the needs of our clientele. ONEX is a renowned brand name in both the design world and the designer sink collections market. Our clients include leading architects, designers, developers, builders and wholesalers nationwide.

We believe our customers deserve the best – now and always. To us, that means distinctive, elegant and flawless products fashioned with the highest standards. That’s why we have grown so fast in so short a time and why the name ONEX is synonymous with prestige, quality and trust.

Our intention is to always give excellence in whatever we do, because we believe that you deserve the best now and always. We will continue to look ahead into innovative research and designs to provide you with the styles of today.

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